Alyssa Milano CRITICIZES Jon Voight for his support of President Trump

Kerry joined ‘Hannity’ on Fox News Channel Friday to discuss the recent discussions liberals have had on abortion, specifically among Hollywood and the Democratic debates last week. The discussion began with Alyssa Milano’s Twitter attack of Jon Voight over his support for President Trump.

Milano, as you may recall, was so infuriated by the beating heart bill that denies abortions to full term babies that she called on all women to have a “sex strike.” That’s right, you can’t make this stuff up. Her reasoning was if women can’t choose to carry a baby to term, and then kill it, then they should refuse to have sex until they are allowed.

As for the Democratic presidential debates, Kerry mentions that candidates were cautious as to not make the same mistake that Hilary Clinton made in 2016 which was supporting abortions all up until the third trimester.

However, that doesn’t mean that “a little crazy” did not leak out of the candidates, such as Julian Castro’s suggestion to allow the transgender community to have abortions.

The Democratic candidates have come out of the gate strong in favor of abortion, it’s only a matter of time before their extreme viewpoints and true beliefs come out, alienating a huge percentage of pro-life voters.