ANOTHER Day, Another Liberal BOYCOTT

Bill de Blasio Scarfs Down a Hot Dog

Who is the boycotter of the day? De Blasio! The 2020 contender is has announced he is boycotting McDonald’s over low wages. On a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa, De Blasio made a blanket statement that he and his staff will not eat McDonald’s until the company pays its employees $15 an hour.

De Blasio announced to the crowd “We’re not going to McDonald’s anymore until McDonald’s addresses these issues! No one from my campaign is going to McDonald’s anymore until McDonald’s respects working people.”

The group he was speaking to, according to, was “several dozen people…all members of the Service Employees International Union – at a protest outside of a McDonald’s restaurant” while wearing a shirt that read “unions for all.” Is this standard Democratic hypocrisy where you literally tell the people, right in front of you, at that exact moment, what they want to hear?

He did fake a little passion when he led the protestors in a chant saying “we’re not going to McDonald’s anymore. Hell no, we won’t go.” Just to make sure he adequately expressed his concern for unions and McDonald’s workers he tweeted a photo of himself leading the protest, front and center behind the UNIONS for ALL banner.

De Blasio’s valiant attempt at boycotting McDonald’s may have backfired. Not only will the whopping six people that work on his campaign not eat McDonald’s (how much did they eat before we wonder?) but the public’s response has been largely, “more fries please!”

Some social media posts are pointing out that De Blasio’s attempt could actually harm employees and they could lose their jobs if McDonald’s begins using automated ordering systems.

Perhaps the most clever was this tweet showing the photograph of President Trump with hundreds of McDonald’s hamburgers when he fed the Clemson University’s football team to celebrate their win over Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship during the government shutdown.

The caption read “I’ll bet @McDonalds will really miss @BilldeBlasio!”