AOC: Dems “PROBABLY” made a mistake giving Democratic Darling Bill Clinton a PASS

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

On Sunday’s “This Week” with Jonathan Karl, he asked an unsuspecting question to an unsuspecting interviewee. Karl asked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “Do you think Democrats, in hindsight, made a mistake by giving Bill Clinton a pass all those years over the treatment of women?”

Wow, what a new concept.

If only journalists and conservatives had asked this question the past two-plus decades. Although she didn’t completely avoid the question, she did steer away from darling Bill quickly: “Probably…I actually don’t think this is as partisan – I wouldn’t look at this through a partisan lens.”

Democrats really are good at shifting. The question was about one man, and as someone who is a self-proclaimed feminist leading women’s marches had no more to say than “probably.”

She continued, “women have been historically mistreated. I don’t think that that is a controversial thing to say.” That became a full-on dodge, and frankly, an insult. As if to say casually, oh, women have always been mistreated, by whom is inconsequential; it just happened to be a sitting president.  But what she really means is she will analyze the treatment of women based on how she feels personally about the male predator.

To quickly take the steam off of Billy boy and continue to distinguish the difference between sexual harassment that comes from liberal men, i.e. not so bad, to conservative men, i.e. horrific she goes on. “From Anita Hill to the present day, I think that women have historically bared a lot of difficulty, adversity in the workplace” and also referenced the woman who accused Justice Clarence Thomas.

According to the Washington Examiner, in regards to “Biden’s history of making women uncomfortable during in-person interactions, saying it is not on the same level as sexual misconduct, but that he still has some work to do to convince women, voters, that he understands his actions.

Now it’s all clear.

If it’s a Democrat, we should probably not give them a pass and uncomfortable interactions are ok as long as they understand their actions. However, if they are a conservative, we should definitely not give them a pass and they are not equipped to be president.