AOC Uses the BIBLE to Help Her Case – OH WAIT, it Was Just to TAUNT Religious Voters

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 15: U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Whenever voters feel like they have no voice amongst their representatives, or that they have nothing in common, it’s nice for politicians to show they can still relate. A small gesture, or a reference to the Bible.  Unless of course, you are Rep. Cortez, in which case you use the Bible to shame and bully people into voting for your bill.

AOC has partnered with Senator Bernie Sanders on new legislation, the “Loan Sharking Prevention Act,”  to cap credit card interest rates at 15%. Sanders and Cortez announced plans in a Facebook live stream during which 2020 presidential candidate Sanders said “let’s be clear what we’re talking about: We’re talking about economic brutality…we are talking about some of the most powerful people in the world…And they see a real profit center in going after desperate people…who cannot afford the basic necessities of life.”  As per usual, Sanders sticks to the rhetoric that only he is looking out for the people, particularly those “who cannot afford the basic necessities of life.”

His counterpart, however, has another approach.  In a tweet about the “Loansharking Prevention Act,” she mocked religious voters: “Usury – aka high interest – happens to be explicitly denounced in the Bible (& in many other religions). Looking forward to having the religious right uphold their principles +  sign onto my bill” She then added the angel emoji face and continued: “Unless of course, they’re only invoking religion to punish women + queer people.”

Just a little PSA for the Sanders/Cortez anti “loan shark hoodlums” train, USA Today reported earlier this year that while “Americans owe a record $1.04 trillion in credit card debt – up from less than $854 billion five years ago…On average, Americans owe $6,354 on bank-issued credit cards.”  However, “40 percent of Americans have enough income to pay off their balance – and do so in full every month.”  As for those who are so poor only Sanders and AOC can save them? The report also states that individuals with HIGH credit card balances tend to have more cards and, wait for it, more income.