Bernie Sanders Bashed For Not Knowing Costs Of His Government Proposals

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

On Sunday, during an interview with Anderson Cooper on CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” socialist Bernie Sanders was criticized for not knowing the costs of his massive government program proposals.

Cooper pointed out that the numerous government programs Sanders is proposing are estimated to cost nearly $100 trillion.

“How much will that cost?” Cooper asked.

“Obviously, those are expensive propositions, but we have done our best on issue after issue – in paying for them,” Sanders responded.

“Do you know how all – how much though?” Cooper said. “I mean, do you have a price tag for all of this?”

“We do. I mean, you know, and, and, the price tag is – it will be substantially less than letting the current system go,” Sanders responded. “I think it’s about $30 trillion.”

“That’s just for Medicare for All, you’re talking about?” Cooper continued. “Do you have a price tag for all of these things?”

Sanders responded. “No, I don’t. We try to – no, you mentioned making public colleges and universities tuition free and cancelling all student debt, that’s correct. That’s what I want to do. We pay for that through a modest tax on Wall Street speculation.”

“But you say you don’t know what the total price is, but you know how it’s gonna be paid for. How do you know it’s gonna be paid for if you don’t know how much the price is?” Cooper pressed.

Sanders responded. “Well, I can’t, you know, I can’t rattle off to you every nickel and every dime. But we have accounted for, you – you talked about Medicare for All. We have options out there that will pay for it.”