Biden Campaign Sends Letter To Facebook Demanding It Censor Trump Campaign

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

On Monday, presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign sent a letter to Facebook that demanded that Facebook censor President Trump. In the letter, Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, wrote that she hoped Facebook would take the “required precautions for the general election.”

“As I am sure you will agree, it is absolutely vital that the American public clearly understand what it is that Facebook has so far committed—or declined—to do in order to protect against abuse of its platform to suppress the vote or incite violence.” The letter said. “The course of public statements and adjustments to your policies governing misinformation have generated considerable confusion about where matters stand and the extent to which Facebook has made meaningful changes.”

“We are also concerned about reports, such as those in today’s Washington Post, that company executives have been involved in making political judgments about how policy changes might offend “right-leaning publishers” even though data showed that “conservative leaning outlets were pushing more content that violated [Facebook’s] policies.”” The letter continued. “We are troubled by the Post’s confirmation that after President Trump’s tweets about the George Floyd protests, Facebook “chose to haggle” with the White House, requesting edits and deletions, rather than taking a clear and transparent stand based on established policies.”

“It is against this background, in the interests of absolute clarity about the design and rigorous, impartial implementation of your policies to protect against abuse of the platform, that we ask for your response to these questions and concerns,” the letter said, and then listed a series of demands about pro-Trump posts.

After the demands, the letter concluded, “To that end, we emphasize once again that the required precautions for the general election that you have committed to take will only become harder to develop and implement over the coming months, and the time for action is now.”