California Democrat says political attack ads accusing him of unpaid taxes ‘are lies’

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Rep. T.J. Cox, a first-term California Democrat, says a slew of new political attacks ads aimed at him are false, including a National Republican Congressional Campaign TV ad accusing him of not paying his taxes.

The ad, which dropped on Tuesday, opens with a voice-over saying, “This is what a tax lien looks like. Most of us have never seen one because most of us pay our taxes, but our congressman T.J. Cox has, you know, a lot of tax liens — over $400,000 in unpaid taxes despite Cox’s lavish lifestyle and generous taxpayers’ salary. So, remember, this is what a tax lien looks like, and T.J Cox is what a tax cheat, looks like.”

Cox says his record is being distorted.

“All they have are lies. None of it is truth. But as the good Lord says, ‘Love those who hate you and those who attack you,'” Cox told the Washington Examiner.

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