Congress FIGHTS with WH Over Barr Testimony and NEGOTIATES with Mueller To Appear Later This Month

WASHINGTON — Congress returned from a two-week recess Monday night and Democrats discussed ways they planned on compelling Attorney General Bill Barr to testify on Thursday before the House Judiciary Committee, while Republicans appear doubtful a bipartisan domestic agenda can get accomplished when the president’s opponents are constantly issuing the White House subpoenas.

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler threatens more subpoenas if Attorney General Bill Barr does not appear before his committee on Thursday.

“We’ve been very clear. Barr has to come. He has to testify. It’s none of the business of a witness to dictate– to try to dictate to a congressional committee what our procedures of questioning him are and the fact of the matter is we’ve been through this,” Nadler said Monday night to reporters.

“I mean we’ve had the experience especially with [former acting AG Christopher] Whitaker but with others, too, where administration witnesses… under the five-minute rule…filibuster for the first four and a half minutes and then give an unresponsive answer and evade questions,” he added.

Nadler on viewing redacted text in Muller report:

“What they have offered which is to say one or two members of the committee—the ranking member and the chairman of the committee can see can non-grand jury material that’s redacted, but we can’t take notes and can’t tell anybody else on the committee. It is totally unacceptable. It’s useless.”