Cruz Points Out How Many Americans Died While Democrats Blocked Coronavirus Relief Bill

(Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized Senate Democrats for using the urgency of the coronavirus national emergency as leverage to add non-crisis related Democrat policies, including $600 million to the National Endowment for the Arts.

Crus said, “it wasn’t a partisan division. It was one party – the Democratic Party saying to this chamber and the American people, ‘Hell no. We won’t even take this up and discuss it.’ At a time of crisis, at a time when people are dying, that’s wrong. That’s shameful.”

He continued, “When we awakened this morning following the Democrats’ obstruction, worldwide, there were 372,563 reported cases of the coronavirus. In the hours since then, just today, there have been an additional 23,352 cases reported today. While the Democrats are blocking the bill 23,000 new cases today.”

Cruz continued, “In the United States, when we started this morning, there were 35,224 cases this morning. Right now, as of the latest numbers, there are 41,708 cases in the United States today. That means we’ve had an additional 6,484 four cases today, while the Democrats are blockading.”

He continued, pointing out that few Democrats were even in the chamber to discuss solutions for the coronavirus national emergency, “And by the way where are the Democrats? C-Span doesn’t show this whole chamber often, but it’d be nice if they did because that entire side of the chamber is empty. They’re not showing up for work. They’re not doing their job.”

“As of [now], worldwide, there have been 16,381 deaths. This morning it was only 15,308. That means today, while the Democrats have been blocking this bill, 1,073 additional people died.” Cruz continued, “In the United States, as of this morning, there were 471 deaths reported due to coronavirus. As of right now it’s 573. That means today 102 Americans died while the Democrats were blocking consideration of this bill.”