Cummings Says Measuring Holder To Barr Is a ‘TOUGH COMPARISON’

WASHINGTON – Democrats continue to accuse Attorney General Bill Barr of covering for President Trump and call him the president’s “personal attorney” but none have addressed the comparison between Barr and Obama Attorney General Eric Holder until Thursday.

I asked House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings about his thoughts on Holder who called himself President Obama’s “wingman” and how he compares to Barr who the Democrats say is acting too much like Trump’s “personal attorney.”

“Well, that’s a tough comparison. And I’m glad you asked the question, but I’ve got to tell you that one of the things that I noticed about President Obama is the difference of night and day between Obama and this President,” Cummings said.

“Obama and I’ve said this many times–he ran a clean shop. OK? And I had a chance to see it up front and personal. Now if…Obama had told one lie. The press would have been all over it. Here’s a man who has told ten– what is it? Ten thousand in two years? Come on now. There’s no comparison.”

Holder himself went after Barr on Twitter Wednesday night saying he was protecting President Trump.

Democrats have threatened Barr with contempt after he refused to appear before the House Judiciary Committee Thursday when Democrats on the committee insisted staff attorneys should question Barr.