Democratic Constituents AREN’T BUYING Into Desperate Impeachment Attempts

Va. Rep. Jennifer Wexton

WASHINGTON—Democrats returned to Capitol Hill Monday with renewed energy pointing toward impeachment but freshmen lawmakers from vulnerable Democrat House districts still have constituents who appear uninterested in the issue.

“I don’t hear about [impeachment]. We have concerns on oversight, of course, and we want to make sure that we’re always focused on that,” New Jersey Democratic Rep. Andy Kim said to SiriusXM Patriot 125 last Saturday following a town hall in his district.

“But when it comes down to a list of the top issues that people here in the district are worried about it doesn’t hit the top,” Kim added.

Several liberal-leaning constituents at a town hall in the district of Virginia Democratic Rep. Jennifer Wexton asked where the congresswoman stood on impeachment.

Wexton would only reiterate that all “options are on the table and that includes impeachment.”

Wexton went on to say, “The oversight committee has been looking into issues involving emoluments and the Trump Hotels and things like that financial services have been looking into the role that Russian and other foreign money may have played in various things.”

When asked by SiriusXM Patriot 125 if she would ultimately decide on the issue based off where her constituents stood she replied, “I hear from my constituents every day about what they want and that’s obviously very important to me, but I’m not making any decisions until I have all the facts that I need in order to be confident in that decision.”

Constituents at Virginia Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger’s town hall during the congressional recess did not bring up the Mueller report at all according to Politico.

“In the big spectrum of everything, people are still deeply concerned about prescription drug prices,” Spanberger said. “People are still deeply concerned about the opportunity to get their kids’ education. They’re wanting to see Washington focused on immigration reform.”

Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips told Politico that after two weeks in his district he was “very surprised by how few people brought it up since I’ve been back.”

Other freshmen Democrats, according to Politico, found their constituents avoiding the impeachment issue and Mueller report and favoring, instead, to ask their members about issues ranging from immigration to health care.

These lawmakers included California Rep. Josh Harder, New York Rep. Antonio Delgado, Connecticut Rep. Jahana Hayes, and New Jersey Rep. Van Drew.

“Literally, they’ll talk to me about the Green New Deal or climate change,”  Drew said. “But it’s the issues that are coming up, not necessarily all this other stuff, with impeachment, and the hearings.”