Democrats blame ‘agent provocateurs’ and right-wing infiltrators for riots

(Photo by Natasha Moustache/Getty Images)

Some congressional Democrats are pointing at right-wing “infiltrators” and “agents provocateurs” as the cause of riots and upheaval in Seattle, Portland, Oregon, and other cities.

That’s a shift away from laying the blame on federal law enforcement for nightly war zones in some of the country’s largest metropolitan regions. Meanwhile, public sympathy for protesters shrank as attempts to burn down courthouses and attack police were regularly broadcast.

The Associated Press examined arrest records from the riots in Portland since mid-June and found that 95% were local and the overwhelming majority have no criminal record in Oregon. Several are college students, and the average age was 28.

“These protesters, these peaceful protesters are very respectful of law enforcement, and they’re very peaceful. You have a few bad apples, some of whom are agent provocateurs.

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