Democrats Say They AREN’T Interested in Grand Jury Info in the Mueller Report — But THEY ARE

Robert Mueller (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier, a member of the House Select Intelligence Committee insisted Tuesday night members of her caucus do not want grand jury material from the Special Counsel Mueller’s report but Democrat leadership say otherwise.

When asked by SiriusXM Patriot 125 about Republican criticism that Democrats want Attorney General Bill Barr to break the law by demanding he release grand jury related information to members of Congress, Speier responded, “We’re not asking him to do that. We want the underlying documents of the Mueller Report. We do not need the grand jury information.

However, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff sent a letter to the Department of Justice last week asking for grand jury related information among other requests related to the Mueller report.

Kerry’s interview with Rep. Speier

“The attached subpoena schedule, moreover, makes clear that the Committee’s demand includes material that contains or relates to grand jury information. Pursuant to the National Security Act and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Committee is entitled as a matter of law to all foreign intelligence and counterintelligence information contained in the Special Counsel’s report, as well as the underlying evidence and information obtained or generated by the Special Counsel’s Office,” Schiff wrote.

He argued, “Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, moreover, poses no bar to disclosure to the Committee of grand jury material involving foreign intelligence or counterintelligence.”

Schiff claims that even if evidence and information are collected during a criminal investigation “including through the grand jury process, and may be unclassified in no way diminishes its nature as foreign intelligence or counterintelligence information that must be provided to the Committee.”

The California Democrat says this includes information related to efforts by the Russian government or “other foreign actors to contact or communicate with Americans.”

Rep. Jackie Speier

None of the six Democrats who have access, which includes Schiff, have read the less-redacted version of the Mueller report but five of the six  Republicans offered access to the document have CNN reported.

“We want all of the redacted material. We have a right to the un-redacted material and we want to have it. To be able to review in one city. I am still reading the whole report and I’m rereading the whole report,” Speier said.

Although Speier does not have access to the less-redacted version of the report she argued it makes sense for Democratic leadership that does have access to not bother to read what is available to them

“I think there are taking up a position of being for the whole team. They want the whole team to have access where all members of the Intelligence Committee we should all have access to that information. We sit in that committee,” she said.

“We hear the same information. We have the same concerns about protecting our country. And the Russian intervention in our election was catastrophic. It was an earthquake and yet it has been diminished by this administration in a manner that is really shocking,” Speier added.

On Thursday, over 20 House Democrats plan to engage in a 12-hour-long public reading of Mueller’s report on the floor of the chamber in its entirety, minus the redacted parts.

Democrats have yet to schedule a floor vote on a contempt charge against Attorney General Barr but continue to threaten fines and jail time to individuals who defy their subpoenas.


Much of the threats and hand wringing related to the Mueller report coming from Democrats on capitol hill always goes back to the question of enforcement. Who will enforce these so-called arrests? Who will enforce these fine collections? Who will enforce these subpoenas? The Democrats know very well Attorney General Barr will not be prosecuted by his own Justice Department.

The information Democrats are demanding does not matter to them, just the spectacle of them asking for it does. If it did matter to them, Speier would have known that Schiff and other Democratic leaders want grand jury information from the Mueller report and the small number of Democrats who have access to the less-redacted Mueller report would have read it.