Dr. Conley: Trump’s Condition ‘Has Continued To Improve’

(Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

On Sunday, White House physician Dr. Sean Conley gave an update on President Trump’s fight against COVID-19, saying that the president’s condition “has continued to improve.”

“Since we spoke last, the president has continued to improve.” Dr. Conley said. “As with any illness, there are frequent ups and downs over the course, particularly when a patient is being so closely watched 24 hours a day….”

“I’d like to take this opportunity now, given some speculation over the course of the illness the last couple of days, [to] update you on the course of his own illness.” He said. “Thursday night into Friday morning, when I left the bedside, the president was doing well with only mild symptoms, and his oxygen was in the high nineties.”

“Late Friday morning, when I returned to the bedside, [the] president had a high fever and his oxygen saturation was transiently dipping below 94%.” He continued. “Given these two developments, I was concerned for possible rapid progression of the illness. I recommended the president we try some supplemental oxygen, see how he’d respond. He was fairly adamant that he didn’t need it. He was not short of breath. He was tired, had the fever. That was about it.”

“After about a minute [on] only two liters, his saturation levels were back over 95%. Stayed on that for about an hour, maybe, and it was off and gone.” He added. “Later that day, by the time the team here was at the bedside, [the] president had been up out of bed, moving about the residence with only mild symptoms. Despite this, everyone agreed the best course of action was to move to Walter Reed for more thorough evaluation and monitoring.”