Economist Peter Navarro: ‘The Worst Thing’ For The Economy Would Be A Biden Presidency

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, American economist and White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro outlined what to expect in the next few months as the economy recovers from the virus, stating that “the worst thing that could happen” for the economy would be a Biden presidency.

“But, first, let’s see the — let’s talk about the economy. Here we are back in business in September. How do you see the next couple of months playing out?”

“The Chinese Communist Party hit the strongest and most resilient economy in the history that President Trump had built. And we had to go into a lockdown because of that.” Navarro began. “But, because of the resilience, we’re coming out of that now. And if you think about what’s going on now, it really traces back to a series of key decisions and a strategy by President Trump that dates back to January 31. That was the day that he pulled down the flights from China, saved hundreds of thousands of lives.”

“But the real story is what happened next in February, a strategy that was based on a hope for the best, prepare for the worst, stay calm, but, most importantly, Maria, attack this virus through four vectors of attack, which is personal protective equipment, therapeutics, testing, and vaccine development.” Navarro continued. “And, as early as February 9, I circulated a memo to the task force that outlined much of that, including a call for immediate action on vaccine development. And I predicted that, if we acted then, under President Trump’s leadership, we’d have a vaccine perhaps as early as November, at least by the end of the year.”

“And so the ability of this administration and this president, basically, to go along those four vectors of attack has allowed us to reopen the economy, be much better prepared to deal with the Chinese Communist Party virus.” He continued. “We’re seeing much better performance in our hospitals. And, as we open up, as we move out of this trough, the economy is performing very strongly.”

“Now, we face challenges ahead.” He continued. “The worst thing that could happen right now would be a Biden presidency, where we go back to the old days of tax hikes, $4 trillion, more regulation, bad trade deals, capping our oil wells. I mean, this be truly a disaster.”

“But the key, Maria, for success over the 90 days and the next nine years is going to be restoring our manufacturing base, onshoring our production, not just of essential medicines, but of everything.” Navarro concluded. “So, where we have these service sector refugees in our cities who are losing their jobs in things like restaurants, we employ them in our factories.”