FIREWORKS On House Floor Before Trump Condemnation Vote

WASHINGTON—Preparations to condemn Trump’s tweets about the four ultra-progressive Democratic freshmen congresswomen known as “the squad” started off rocky when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to the lower chamber’s floor Tuesday and called for a resolution condemning “racist” comments made by President Trump.

Republican leaders took issue with Pelosi’s statements and Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins demanded that the words be “taken down.”

This was the first time a member of Congress and a speaker of the House ever came to blows in decades and the outcome could result in Pelosi being prohibited from speaking on the floor for the rest of the day.

Missouri Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who sat in the chair during the blow-up became so frustrated he threw down his gavel and vacated the chair.

Louisiana Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond told reporters Republicans are “enabling” the president to be a “racist” and that in turn made them just as bad as the president.

“Well a fact is a fact. You want me to call him not a racist if in fact he is a racist. Their problem is they won’t stand up to him. There are some people over there. I said it was a racist statement. There are people in the past who have stood up to his statements,” Richmond said adding he was unconcerned that Democrats regular name-calling of Republicans as “racist” would be useless as it would just fall on deaf ears with the condemnation vote.

“If the shoe fits they should wear it,” he said.