Freshman Democrat Argues 10 or 11 Cases Of Obstruction Exist In Mueller Report

California Democratic Rep. Katie Hill

WASHINGTON—California Democratic Rep. Katie Hill argued Wednesday there were ten or eleven cases of obstruction that could be made against President Trump from the Mueller report.

“What is not laid out are those crimes. Those actual crimes that he’s obstructing for,” Hill said claiming she believes underlying crimes were committed and Trump obstructed justice to cover up these crimes.

The California Democrat is among sixteen freshmen who flipped 16 Republican seats during the 2018 mid-terms that the GOP is zeroing in on to take back in 2020.  At a recent town hall she hosted in late April, she was heckled by constituents for opposing the border wall among other issues.

Hill says Democrats’ investigations into the White House will zero in on specific crimes they suspect Trump committed.

“I would say that what these investigations are going toward are the emoluments violations- the potential money laundering through the Deutsche Bank case,” she said.

Hill could not confirm that President Trump has committed any of these crimes but told reporters, “No, I mean we certainly have indications but we need we want to be able to expose whatever the truth is.”

“No I wouldn’t say that at all. I wouldn’t say we’re going for impeachment at all.”

When asked why the push towards impeachment before Democrats know what crime occurred, Hill responded, “No I wouldn’t say that at all. I wouldn’t say we’re going for impeachment at all.”

She continued, “We need to be able to figure out what’s going on and we need to expose that. We need to show to the American people what’s happening. That’s why in the court case it said very clearly that our requirement to inform is just as important as our requirement to legislate.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is facing divisions in her own caucus between members who want to launch an impeachment inquiry and those who do not, insisted again on Thursday to reporters that President Trump “wants to be impeached.”

“Let me be very clear: the president’s behavior, as far as his obstruction of justice, the things that he is doing, it’s in plain sight, it cannot be denied — ignoring subpoenas, obstruction of justice,” Pelosi told reporters at her weekly press conference Thursday.

Speaker Pelosi later went on to advise Trump White House aides to stage an “intervention” for the “good of the country,” claiming the president let his temper get the best of him when she and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer met with him at the White House on Wednesday.


The Democrats’ definition of “obstruction of justice” has become so political they appear to have little to go on since the Mueller Report already confirmed there was no collusion or conspiracy with Russia. All they have now is the hope for an impeachment inquiry and Pelosi does not want to go there.