‘He’ll serve for 50 years’: Rand Paul worried Ukraine whistleblower unaccountable to bosses

(Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images)

Sen. Rand Paul is hesitant to believe that his colleagues will call the alleged Ukraine whistleblower to testify even as the Senate Intelligence Committee may be gearing up to investigate the origins of the impeachment case against President Trump.

The Kentucky Republican, who read aloud the name of the alleged whistleblower on the Senate Floor Tuesday after Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts refused to do so last week during the question phase of the impeachment trial, suspects the person will remain in his current post as an intelligence analyst without oversight concerning his past actions.

“The problem is that they’ve played it artfully where he’ll probably never be called, and nothing ever happen[s] to him. He’ll serve for 50 years over there, and everybody who’s his boss will be worried that he’s somebody who will inform on you at the drop of a hat,” Paul told the Washington Examiner.