HILLARY: Dressed in RHINESTONE-Studded JIMMY CHOO Pumps, Appreciates Cuomo, and is “Doing Just Fine”

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

In an odd Pagesix.com article titled “In lead-up to the 2020 election, Hillary Clinton is doing just fine” reads more like a text message thread amongst besties checking in on one another after a breakup. “Hillary came over…Secret Service types stayed outside. We were alone. Just we two. An off-the-record old-time longtime friendship.” Isn’t that sweet? Then in typical girl gab form, the writer seems to betray her gal pal Hillary: “No interview. No Q&A. No notes. No quotes. I’m just remembering” and begins to list everything Hillary told her. So, it was an interview, disguised as girl talk?

“She looked marvelous. Hair perfect. Makeup perfect. Outfit perfect” Cindy Adams wrote. Although she stated “no quotes” at the beginning of her article, she made sure to tell us that Clinton looked slim and said “I’m dieting. I’m trying. I take walks. I’m working out. I have a beautiful backyard with surrounding trees, and flowers and greens, and I enjoy sitting outside reading.”

Amongst the discussion in this “off the record” chat, Hillary reminisced “I remember when politics used to be fun.” And: “Russia will always meddle in our political system.”

Hillary reminisced “I remember when politics used to be fun…”

Perhaps politics was fun when she was running the country from the big white house on Pennsylvania while her husband was doing lord knows what? Hard to feel too bad for her in her “three-piece, navy Akris pantsuit, matching rhinestone-studded Jimmy Choo pumps” and “gold bracelet.” The discussion wasn’t all diet tips and remember when’s over bagels and shmear, Hillary chimed in on the 2020 elections.

According to the writer’s memory, because it was not an interview, “she favors Cuomo. Appreciates his stance on gun control,” says she will not be the next mayor, that it should be “somebody with a name and portfolio- such as Bloomberg, or someone like him.” And she has “No good words about no good Bernie Sanders. Stuff like: Anyone overtaking him in a district considered his, he’ll burn the place down.”

As for some of the others in her party, “she acknowledges Kamala Harris’ ability, calls non-winner Elizabeth Warren ‘smart as a whip,’ and likes Montana’s newest newie, Gov. Steve Bullock.”

But ultimately, PageSix writer Cindy Adams wants us to know that “In lead-up to the 2020 election,” her darling longtime friend “is doing just fine.”