Indiana State Police Alliance disputes Mike Braun’s claim it backed qualified immunity bill

(Photo by Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images)

The Indiana State Police Alliance came out against a qualified immunity bill authored by Sen. Mike Braun, adding the lawmaker misrepresented the state’s law enforcement community on the issue.

“Despite assertions to the contrary, the Indiana State Police Alliance as well as the Indiana State Police Department, did not aid in the development of this legislation and did not give our support for the bills language prior to its release,” the group said about the Indiana senator, the only Republican so far to back some form of repealing qualified immunity against police officers who could otherwise face lawsuits.

The statement followed a contentious battle between Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Braun after he introduced the bill, the Reforming Qualified Immunity Act, last week. The proposal would, among other things, eliminate the present qualified immunity for officers that shields them from civil lawsuits if their actions did not violate a “clearly established” law.

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