Iowa Democrats hit back at party leaders


Iowa Democrats say the state party is disappointed with the Democratic National Committee’s decision to reject its “virtual caucus” proposal meant to include more people in the nation’s first nominating contest, casting doubt about rules used for the February 2020 event.

The Iowa Caucuses have long faced criticism that they’re exclusionary and somewhat undemocratic, since voters must show up in person to an election event and publicly proclaim their candidate preference. That departs secret ballots used in practically every other American election, and likely leaves out broad swaths of voters who can’t make it to the evening events because they are working, at a child’s event, out of town or any number of other reasons.

So, the state Democratic party this year planned virtual caucuses to allow participation of people remotely in the Feb. 3 caucuses. The DNC, however, has scuttled that idea, citing concerns over hacking and other computer security issues.

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