Joe Kennedy III heckled at event by would-be Ayanna Pressley Republican challenger

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

A long-shot Republican challenger to Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley in Massachusetts, who says the incumbent’s campaign organizer insulted her interracial marriage, yelled at Democratic Rep. Joseph Kennedy III during a recent press event for accepting the woman’s support in his Senate bid.

Rayla Campbell can be heard in an online video shouting at Kennedy, who is trying to oust Democratic Sen. Ed Markey in the Sept. 1 Democratic primary, about Pressley campaign manager Monica Cannon-Grant.

“You going denounce the bigot behind you?” Campbell said to Kennedy, also appearing at the event. “I’m melanin-adjacent, according to her. You going [to] say something about that? She went on a 40-minute racial tirade about my family, about me, about me being married to a white man,” Campbell said to Kennedy.