Kevin McCarthy Introduces Resolution Supporting Iranian Protestors

(Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

On Monday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) released House Resolution 791, his resolution that supports the protestors of Iran and condemns the actions of the Iranian government.

McCarthy also released a statement on his resolution: “This is a pivotal moment for the Iranian people. They are showing tremendous courage as they take to the streets to stand up to a government that systematically kills and brutally silences any dissension. We have seen these promising scenes before at times when there was ambiguity on the United States position toward Iran. This administration has made it clear that we support the Iranian people, we support freedom and democracy, and we will always stand beside those who seek it. Just like we did when protestors took to the streets in Hong Kong, Congress should come together to show our support for freedom and democracy.”

The resolution lists and condemns multiple actions by the government of Iran, including “in November 2019….  [when] Iranian security forces killed approximately 1,500 demonstrators when they rose up across the country in protest,” and “on January 8, 2020, the Government of Iran shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, lied about its responsibility, and then admitted to mistakenly shooting the airliner down, killing all 176 people on board.”

Finally, the resolution also “condemns the Government of Iran for repeatedly lying to its people and to the world about its responsibility for the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752,” and “calls on the Government of Iran to… refrain from the use of violence,” “protect the rights of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly,” and “supports the protestors in Iran, their demands for accountability, and their desire for the Government of Iran to respect freedom and human rights.”

This resolution will put Democrats in the position of either supporting the protestors if the Iranian government or supporting the tyrannical Iranian regime, which is responsible for the deaths of countless innocent civilians.