Lara Trump: It Appears President Is ‘Done With The Coronavirus By All Accounts’

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday, President Trump’s campaign adviser Lara Trump said that it appears that the president is “done with the coronavirus by all accounts.”

“Obviously, working at the campaign, we do not conduct any testing on him ourselves. So if the White House doctors says that he’s free of transmission, I think that sounds like he’s done with the coronavirus by all accounts, he should be able to go out, get back on the road campaigning.”

“He certainly should be able to do a debate on October 15th, but we know the Debate Commission decided against that. They wanted it virtual. But it sounds by all accounts like he is free of the coronavirus.”

She later added, “And you never hear, Chris, on the other side of the coin, the fact that we have had in this country since really the height of the COVID days, these demonstrations across America, riots in the street, peaceful protests some of them, many of them not peaceful, all across America but you never hear any concern after these sayings about those being super-spreader events. I had yet to hear one doctor say anything about them. I have yet to hear one media outlet say anything about those.”

She continued, “It doesn’t seem like coronavirus would have a political agenda, but often times, it feels like it does because those events are never talked about as being an issue.”

“So, look, the White House has always followed guidelines. They’ve always either tested people before they are around the pursuit or whenever there’s not testing available for the number of people that are there, encourage people to wear masks.” She continued. “And honestly, if we all look at this from the same perspective, it doesn’t seem right that we’re criticizing one event and not another.”