Lindsey Graham: Trump Was Concerned About Ukrainian Corruption For A Long Time

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

On Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Fox News that President Trump has been raising concerns about corruption in Ukraine for a long time. Graham stated that Trump had discussed his concerns about corruption with the current president and the previous president.

“So, on substance, [Democrats] told us that the president was unconcerned about burden-sharing, that he wasn’t concerned about corruption, that the only reason he wanted the Ukrainians to look at the Bidens and look into 2016 election interference was for personal gain,” Graham said. “They read the transcript for 21 hours selectively. In the transcript that the House managers never read to the Senate was an exchange between President Trump and the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, where President Trump was complaining about the Europeans not doing enough, and the president of the Ukraine agreed.”

Graham continued. “So, the transcript was devastating to their case. Then the witnesses that they called in their case – they took snippets of hour-long testimony. And one thing for a young lawyer, if you want to use a piece of evidence from a deposition or a tape, make sure that other parts of the tape do not destroy the parts that you used. They were able to prove that the witnesses that were called on behalf of the government, when you look at other things they said, completely destroyed their case, that the president had been concerned about corruption in the Ukraine.”

“He raised it with the past president of the Ukraine, raised it with this president,” Graham said. “And when it comes to the meeting, the managers said that the president was telling the Ukrainian president, you will never meet with me in the White House or any place else unless you give into my demands. In the transcript, the president of the Ukraine suggested that the – President Trump meet him in Poland September the 1st. The president agreed to that meeting. And the only reason he didn’t go was because of hurricanes, and he sent the vice president in his place.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s claims refute the Democrats’ argument that President Trump was basing his investigation of corruption on disrupting the 2020 presidential campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden, and support the idea that President Trump was investigating corruption on behalf of the United States’ interest.