Mayor de Blasio is latest example of how Liberals have NO IDEA How to Keep SCHOOLS SAFE

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 13: Mayor Bill De Blasio holds a Green New Deal rally At Trump Tower in New York City (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to be more like a mad scientist running experiments on rats, but those rats are the citizens of New York. The administration has been exploring ways to “decrease police presence in schools, claiming the vast majority of arrests and summonses issued are to black and Hispanic students.”

The fact that the purpose is to decrease police presence because of the race of the offenders is the first red flag. It sounds like liberal sensitivity at its finest. What about protecting the victims, regardless of their race, from the perpetrators, regardless of their race? Shouldn’t that be the only concern?

“Minor misbehavior is to be handled without police involvement, if possible.” Who determines the definition of “minor misbehavior?” The new police patrol guide will be revised to “strictly limit’ the times students can be arrested in school for off-property incidents, only permitted for felonies, sex offenses, and ‘crimes where there is an immediate risk of escape or where the perpetrator is apprehended in hot pursuit.” It’s hard to picture we are talking about children here, in the school systems.

Clearly, a “change” in policy means that these crimes and misdemeanors are happening quite frequently in our youth’s schools. Yet the answer seems to be to put more responsibility on school teachers and staff and take it out of the hands of police so children don’t “feel so bad” for the bad things they are doing.

“Police presence in schools and a zero-tolerance disciplinary approach make students feel like criminals in their own classrooms…today’s announcement I about treating kids like kids, allowing them to recover from mistakes, and teaching them the tools to manage emotions and behavior,’ said Johanna Miller, director of the Education Policy Center.” But did she ever stop to think maybe the students feel like criminals in their own classrooms because they are criminals?

Liberals love to use feelings as the ultimate defender against all logic. It is clear that de Blasio admits there is a problem but does not want to provide a solution to decrease the problem, i.e. young criminals. Instead, he is just putting a convenient band-aid over the issue by decreasing police presence. Less police means less criminal activity, right?