Minnesota Town Votes to SCRAP Pledge of Allegiance

The local council of the Minnesota town St. Louis Park has voted unanimously to drop the pledge of allegiance in order to be more inclusive. Ostensibly, St. Louis Park wants to be more welcoming to newcomers and non-citizens, and it was decided that the best way to achieve that is to do away with the American tradition.

The brilliant thinking seems to be that in order to be more welcoming to non-citizens, all Americans have to do is get rid of American tradition.

After blow-back from the community at Monday night’s city council meeting, the council decided to rethink, which they should definitely do. Immigrants should assimilate into American culture, come to America to be American.

They should not come to America to make America like where they came from. Unsurprisingly, St. Louis Park is located in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district represented by Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-MN. Omar has become more infamous lately by spreading anti-Semitic propaganda and trivializing the terrorism of the 9/11 attack on the United States, describing it as “some people did something.”