National Rifle Association releases TV spot in key battleground states

(Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)

One day after the Democratic National Convention closed, the National Rifle Association responded to the Biden-Harris campaign and dropped a new TV ad Friday morning in key battleground states.

The ad, which the NRA Victory Fund spent $4 million on, features a young woman walking to her car in an empty parking lot while being chased by three men. As she rushes into her vehicle to look for a pistol she believes is in the car, she realizes it is not there. At that point, a smashing car window is heard.

A female voiceover says, “She’s got two kids and two jobs, but tonight she may not make it home. Every woman has a right to self-defense, a gun for protection. But Joe Biden would take her rights away. For decades, Joe Biden has opposed your gun rights. Now Biden wants to cut police funding. In this election, self-defense is on the line. Defend your family. Defeat Joe Biden.”

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