NSA: ‘No Intelligence Behind’ Claims Russia Is Trying To Get Trump Re-Elected

(Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images)

In an interview with CBS News’ Face The Nation, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien stated that he had not seen any intelligence supporting the claims that Russia was attempting to help Trump get re-elected, and added that members of Congress informed him that there was no evidence behind these claims.

“As the national security adviser to the president, have you assured the president that this U.S. intelligence finding is real?” CBS News’ Margaret Brennan asked him.

“Well, I have not seen the findings,” O’Brien said. “I think what he’s referring to and what folks are talking about is a briefing that took place last week at the House Intelligence Committee that was leaked to the press, and I have not seen that report, and from what I understand about the report is that there was no, and again, I get this second hand, but from Republican Congressmen that were in the Committee, there was no intelligence behind it.”

O’Brien continued. “I haven’t seen any intelligence to support the reports that were leaked out of the House, but it’s just hard to comment on that because again, I wasn’t there, and these were leaks that were coming from a House Intel Committee hearing. I haven’t seen any intelligence that would back up what I’m reading in the papers.”

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate and socialist Bernie Sanders, who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, has been informed that Russia is attempting to help his presidential campaign.