Obama Planning To Intervene In Election Against Bernie Sanders

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Former President Barack Obama is planning on using his influence to stop socialist Bernie Sanders from receiving the nomination from the Democratic party for the 2020 presidential election, according to Fox Business.

Fox Business reported on Friday:  “Former President Barack Obama has remained mostly silent through the early stages of the Democratic to unseat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election but that may soon change, friends and associates tell FOX Business, as avowed socialist Bernie Sanders gains in national polls and seems poised to obtain front-runner status. He has recently grown even more wary of Sanders as the Vermont senator appears to be gaining momentum in polls and the Democratic primaries begin to heat up with the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary both in February.”

Fox Business continued: “Obama has told people in private that Sanders is both temperamentally and politically unfit to beat Trump in the 2020 general election, these people say. Among his concerns are Sanders’ strident form of politics and confrontational manners where he was known not to seek compromise during his long years in the US senate. Meanwhile, Obama is said to worry that Sanders’ far-left policies, which include massive tax increases, free college tuition and massive student debt forgiveness, would alienate even traditional Democratic voters.”

Bernie Sanders and Obama Administration Vice President Joe Biden are currently placing at the top of the polls. Obama still has not endorsed Biden, so Biden would be benefiting by default if Obama intervened to prevent Sanders from winning the nomination.