Oregon GOP Launches RECALL EFFORT Against Dem Gov. Kate Brown

The Oregon Republican Party began a recall effort against Democrat Gov. Kate Brown Monday following a contentious legislative battle at the statehouse where Brown sent state troopers to retrieve Republican lawmakers who rejected Brown’s climate change package, The Washington Times reported.

According to the recall paperwork signed by Oregon GOP chair Bill Currier, the party accused Brown of ignoring the will of the voters and went forward with issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, hiked taxes, and refused to provide protection from “the domestic terrorist threat known as Antifa.”

“Governor Brown has subjected the people of Oregon to a long line of abuses of power while at the same time refusing to address their legitimate concerns,” recall statement said. “She has fostered a toxic political environment that stifles meaningful discourse. She has threatened retaliation against her own citizens when her political agenda is not successful in the legislature.”

In 2014, a ballot proposal in 2014 that would have established a “driver’s card” for illegal aliens was panned down by Oregon voters. However, the Oregon Democrat dominated state legislature passed a bill two weeks ago allowing for illegal aliens to be issued drivers licenses which Brown is expected signed.

Brown has also been criticized by her opponents for failing to secure the state’s most populous city, Portland, from the constant violence that has erupted from Antifa members. Antifa allegedly assaulted journalist Andy Ngo recently.

Kate Brown won reelection to a second term last year with 50.1 percent of the vote beating Republican Knute Buehler who brought in 43.7 percent. Oregon has not had a Republican governor since 1987.