O’Rourke Plans to Visit ASYLUM Seekers in Mexico

Beto O'Rourke

Democratic presidential candidate Robert Francis (Beto) O’Rourke plans to visit asylum seekers in Ciudad Juárez who have been denied access to the U.S. during a visit to Mexico on Sunday, the former Texas congressman’s campaign said.

O’Rourke demonstrated his complete lack of understanding of immigration policies in a statement: “In all of the debate around immigration, we can’t forget who it impacts most: the people traveling thousands of miles, fleeing the worst kind of violence and oppression,” He continued. “Turning away refugees, families and asylum seekers is not who we are as a country. But as long as Donald Trump is president — it will be.”

This statement implies that asylum seekers are entitled to entrance to our country, which is obviously not true. Asylum seekers who are processed and turned down have been deemed to not be eligible for asylum in the United States. In the same way, Michael Scott yelling “bankruptcy” in NBC’s “The Office” does not actually declare him bankrupt, an immigrant claiming “asylum” does not actually make them eligible for asylum.

According to former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, 90% of immigrants seeking asylum at the Southern Border are not eligible for asylum. The vast majority just claim asylum in order to bypass immigration laws.