Republican congressman wants Trump State of the Union delayed until Senate impeachment trial ends

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Rep. Jim Banks, a Republican from Indiana, urged President Trump to delay the State of the Union until after his impeachment trial in the Senate wrapped up.

“Speaker Pelosi, by delaying delivering articles of impeachment, is hoping ongoing Senate trial and impeachment cloud hangs over the president during his State of the Union address to Congress,” Banks wrote Tuesday on Facebook and in tweets about the scheduled Feb. 4 speech.

“President Trump should tell her ‘no games’ and tell her he’ll deliver the State of the Union only after our country clears the divisive impeachment hurdle. It’s not just America watching the State of the Union each year. Tehran is watching. Hong Kong is watching. Taipei is watching,” wrote Banks, 40, who has represented a Fort Wayne-based district in the eastern part of Indiana since 2017.

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