Sen. Hawley: Big Tech Has A ‘Stranglehold’ On The News In This Country

(Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) warned of the increasing “stranglehold” that Big Tech has on “our news in this country, [and] on our communication in this country.”

“You just look at Soros. He spent $17 million since 2015 alone trying to buy district attorneys, and he has had tremendous success in my home State of Missouri and St. Louis, in Philadelphia, Florida, and Texas.” Hawley said.
“Look all around the country, and now Big Tech, Tucker, wants to silence any criticism of George Soros and what he is doing. It’s the same group of people, as you point out the billionaire class, who have become radical leftists, or coddling radical leftists. It’s no wonder that the average working person in this country feels like they’re shut out of the deal. They don’t have any voice, and this is why.”

Hawley later added, “I mean, to have the idea that Big Tech now will not permit you or any other journalist to cover what Soros is trying to do, to bring scrutiny to what he is trying to do in purchasing district attorneys, and by the way, it’s no coincidence, Tucker as you pointed out that these same District Attorneys that he has bought and funded are the ones who refuse to prosecute rioters, refuse to prosecute looters. They are the ones where crime is exploding, the cities where crime is exploding all over our country.”

“And yet, if you try to scrutinize that, if you try to raise questions, now Big Tech is putting their thumb on the scale and saying no, you can’t cover it. No, you can’t raise the questions.” Hawley continued. “This is why, Tucker, this alliance of Big Government and Big Tech and the billionaire class needs to be broken up. These people have a stranglehold increasingly on our news in this country, on our communication in this country. They want to have a stranglehold on our politics, and it’s time we put a stop to it.”