“Size DOES Matter” Says Cuomo on Trump’s 2020 Advantage over Dems

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As much as the mainstream media hates to admit it, Trump has a very large…crowd. In an awkwardly comical exchange between CNN’s Chris Cuomo and 2020 candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Cuomo asked: “Why don’t Democrats pack the stadiums the way the president does?”

She answered defensively “I am not one bit worried about the excitement on our side” but then proceeded to be worried, explaining “we just have a lot of stadiums we’re packing at the same time with so many people running.”

Although not one to generally defend Trump, facts are facts and he disagreed with the senator saying, “I don’t think they’re packing crowds in any place the way he is,” followed by the ultimate phrase: “size does matter.” Cuomo’s interview was the same night as Trump’s re-election rally in Orlando Florida which reportedly filled a 20,000-seat stadium, with some supporters lining up for over 40 hours.

These numbers are so delicious for a few reasons. First, it crushes Obama’s 2012 reelection announcement to a crowd size of roughly 14,000. Second, one of the Democrats’ favorite things to be outraged about is Trump’s secret voters. “They won’t admit to voting for Trump,” they say. “They are secret voters, embarrassed to admit they are Trump supporters.”

Well, kids, which is it? Because a crowd of 20k seems to be pretty “loud and proud” as the saying goes.

According to Foxnews.com “in less than 24 hours after Trump’s re-election announcement, he also raised a record $24.8 million.” Looks like Trump has bragging rights in more ways than one!