Ted Cruz preparing effort to stem Big Tech’s ‘willingness to censor speech’

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Driven by stories about coronavirus-related user content removed by YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, Sen. Ted Cruz wants to take on the social media giants again, saying the tech companies are using their influence to censor free speech.

The Texas Republican told the Washington Examiner Wednesday he planned to revisit his 2018 anti-censorship effort, which led to questions over whether Facebook was an online publisher or platform.

“I think there is widespread concern about big tech’s willingness to censor speech with which they disagree, and in this time of crisis, they’ve only gotten worse. YouTube, for example, is censoring discussions about this pandemic that disagree with the positions of the World Health Organization, an organization that has been roundly criticized as functioning as a mouthpiece for the propaganda talking points of the Communist government of China,” Cruz said.

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