Texas Church Shooter Stopped By Armed Churchgoers

(Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

On Sunday, multiple people were shot in a Texas church in White Settlement, a town on the outskirts of Fort Worth, Texas.

“MedStar spokeswoman Macara Trusty soon reported that the gunman and one of his victims had died at a hospital. The second victim was resuscitated after going into cardiac arrest on the way to a hospital, but authorities announced at an evening news conference that the person died later.” The Dallas Morning News reported.

The Second Amendment Foundation released a message that described the event and highlighted the necessity of armed civilians for protection. Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation said, “This horrible shooting was live streamed, and shows how the killer was taken down within a few seconds of firing the first shot. If one pays attention to the video, it appears that at least six and possibly seven members of the congregation drew sidearms to defend their fellow church members, and at least one member identified in published reports as part of the church security team fired a shot that took the gunman down.”

Gottlieb continued, “Regrettably, there were casualties among the church goers, but in the flash of seconds, it is obvious that many more lives were saved by the quick action of a church member who was fortunately armed as a member of the church security team. Had it not been for his quick action and accurate shooting, this could have been much, much worse.”

If it was not for the armed churchgoers to defend against the shooter then many more would have died. The churchgoers were allowed to legally be armed because of a recently passed Texas law that allows anyone with a concealed carry license to bring their weapons into places of worship.