Trump Adviser: NBC Town Hall Was A ‘Political Knife Fight’

(Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images)

In an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Trump adviser Steve Cortes said that NBC’s town hall with President Trump was a “political knife fight” that was a “brazen display of media duplicity.”

“ABC put on the equivalent of a church ice cream social for Joe Biden up in Philadelphia.” Cortes said. “As a TV programmer, it reminded me of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. And conversely, NBC staged a political knife fight down in Miami. And if I compare that to a TV program, it would seem more like ‘The Wire.’”

“So, I think what we saw today really unfortunately was a brazen display of media duplicity.” He continued. “It is extremely clear who corporate media wants in this country.”

He concluded, “and the fact alone, and again, this isn’t my opinion, the fact that George Stephanopoulos did not at one moment in the 90 minutes with Joe Biden today mention the biggest story in America right now, which is the bombshell revelations from “The New York Post” that Joe Biden while he was sitting vice president was fully aware of his son’s influence pedaling with shadowy figures all over the world, including the two most dangerous adversaries to the United States, Russia and China. It’s an outrage that he wasn’t pressed about that crucial question.”