Trump Attacks China For ‘Disinformation And Propaganda,’ Says China Wants Biden To Win

(Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

On Wednesday night, President Trump accused China of engaging in “a massive disinformation campaign” because China is “desperate” to help former Vice President Joe Biden win the 2020 election.

“China is on a massive disinformation campaign because they are desperate to have Sleepy Joe Biden win the presidential race so they can continue to rip-off the United States, as they have done for decades, until I came along!” the president tweeted.

Trump also said that China’s “disinformation and propaganda” was being used to “deflect the pain and carnage” that China caused through their extreme mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump pointed out that China “could have easily stopped” the spread of coronavirus, “but they didn’t!”

“Spokesman speaks stupidly on behalf of China, trying desperately to deflect the pain and carnage that their country spread throughout the world. Its disinformation and propaganda attack on the United States and Europe is a disgrace.” the president tweeted. “It all comes from the top. They could have easily stopped the plague, but they didn’t!”