WATCH: Kerry Picket Discusses New Radical Democratic Party

(Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Washington Examiner Senior Campaign Reporter Kerry Picket joined Tammy Bruce on “Hannity” to discuss the radicalization of the base of the Democratic party.

“Look right now what we’re seeing is Bernie Sanders go back into the spotlight because remember Tammy, there was a time where Bernie sanders was number one, and the Democratic establishment all of a sudden was kind of freaking out a bit, so they’re kind of saying Joe you need to jump in at some point and save us.” Picket said.

“But then Joe Biden is all of a sudden having these gaffes having the entanglements with his son,” Picket continued, which allowed other candidates to enter the spotlight, “and now were seeing Bernie Sanders pop up again and now they’re beginning to wonder what’s going on.”

The commentators went on to discuss the disconnection between the base of the Democratic party and the actual establishment, and how the establishment has lost control of its base as the base moves further and further towards the left.

The new radical Democratic base is being reflected in the new radical politicians that are continuing the push leftward, like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who have endorsed radical self-declared socialists, like Bernie Sanders. As Picket explains, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez “provides a lot of energy to this primary for the Democrats that the Democrats themselves in this primary really can’t provide. But remember she’s not old enough [to run yet] and unfortunately, they’re going to have to wait maybe until 2024.”